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How To Achieve A Natural Look While Wearing A Weave

Try to match the hair to your hair and hair color
If your hair is not bone straight, don't get the super straight hair. 
You want your weave to look natural. If you want to go lighter, you can always color your hair to achieve this by using a temporary or permanent dye.

If you get a full weave and you leave out some of your hair for a more natural look, there are a few ways to style it so that it will blend with the hair weaved in.
Invest in a curling iron or flat iron. Make sure you curl or flat iron the hair so it blends easier.

Take care of your weave the same way you would with your natural hair, and it will last for months. Make sure you comb it out before washing and avoid using alcohol and harsh products when you wash, condition and style.

You hair is a reflection of who you are, treat it with care and it will last long and look very natural.

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